Estate & Legacy Planning

Your Values and Your Legacy

The Team Approach

McKeon Financial has carefully vetted key professionals who specialize in tax and estate planning. Much of how we help clients reach their financial goals relates back to their estate needs. That’s why we take the time to build relationships with other advisers. Our goal is to act as a quarterback with your other trusted advisers in tax planning, real estate, business succession, probate, wealth transfer, and preservation of your legacy.

Living Needs

At McKeon Financial, we have found that a commonly forgotten part of estate planning involves addressing the needs our clients have while they are still alive. We educate our clients about how to protect their family and prepare for major life events such as becoming disabled, needing long term care, transferring assets while alive, and transitioning into retirement. Our goal is to help ensure that your rights and desires are protected even if you become incapacitated. 

End of Life Planning

We have seen the most well thought out estate plans break down when a client’s loved ones, beneficiaries, trustees, or executor have not been properly equipped to put their plan into place smoothly. At McKeon Financial, we work with our clients’ loved ones and any other advisors, to address their estate needs and make sure their loved ones are able to follow through on the clients’ desires as easily as possible. Our goal is to make sure your death does not become more of a burden to your loved ones than it already is.
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