Your Values and Your Legacy

Team Approach

McKeon Financial works closely with other key planning professionals. We help clients reach their financial goals by discussing their estate needs. Call us today for professional advice on estate and legacy planning.

Our objective is to act either as the quarterback or as a team player with your other trusted advisors in tax planning, real estate, business succession, probate, wealth transfer, and the preservation of your legacy to ensure your estate needs are met.

Living Needs

At McKeon Financial, we are very focused on your needs while you are living. We educate you about protecting your family and preparing for major life events such as becoming disabled, needing long-term care, transferring assets while alive, and transitioning into retirement. 

Our goal is to ensure your rights and desires are protected, even if you become incapacitated. Call our team for professional assistance.

End-Of-Life Planning

We work with you, your loved ones, and any other advisors to address your estate needs and make sure everything is set up the way you want it to be. We also make sure your loved ones, beneficiaries, trustees, or executors are properly equipped to put your plan into place upon your passing. 

Our objective is to ensure your plan at the end of your life is carried out as easily as possible. Call us to schedule an appointment with us.